Moscow Is Trying To Jam Western Aircraft Civil Aviation GPS

It seems that the interruption of GPS reception is not specific to Israel, but the Jewish state may be collateral damage, because Moscow tries to protect its army from drone attacks and maintain its dominance in the electronic field.Interestingly, the terrestrial GPS system was not affected.The affected aircraft only switched to the standby system.Israeli sources “increasingly believe” that the GPS failure of civil flights for three consecutive weeks is a side effect of Russia’s intervention and deception of Syria.

Blocker CDMA GSM 3G 4G

The US Air Force has sent F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates respectively to strengthen the armed forces, while Washington, according to the decision of the US President, has unilaterally clashed with Tehran and asked the US to withdraw from the agreement restricting Iran’s nuclear program.”Moscow is trying to interfere with Western aircraft – including the most advanced secret F-22 and F-35 – and simple terrorist drones.According to the IAA, passengers are not at risk.

The Federation of International Airline Pilot Associations and the Israeli Airport Authority announced in late June 2019 that many flights lost GPS satellite signals when entering and leaving Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel.Now the situation is full of rumors, because the Israeli Government has avoided any official statements and continues to investigate other sources.

This makes the aviation GPS fault very special – this is another sign that it is not a simple fault, but some kind of electronic weapon.According to a researcher in the United States, the satellite navigation signal of the aircraft that recently interrupted Israel’s airspace came from the Russian air force base in Syria.But if Russia really accidentally damaged a friendly country’s GPS, why didn’t they stop it? The answer may be within the scope of Russian electronic warfare.Although it is more effective than the US military [mini gps jammer], it is still more based on primitive forces than precise targeting.

The wrong GPS signal was 500 times stronger than the real signal, which led the civil aviation crew to go astray for several miles.Russian troops blocked the GPS system in the Middle East.Electronic warfare operations may affect the US forces that are gathering in the region before a possible attack on Iran.The Russians invested a lot of money in the powerful deception system.