School tests use signal jammers

The school exam opened a cell phone jammer, 30 meters apart from the merchant but this action: WeChat can not contact, alipay can not transfer money. Citizens Ms. Zheng recently called the newspaper 6233333 report, hope the relevant departments to coordinate.

Ms. Zheng said she runs a convenience store across from a middle school in the city, about 30 meters from the school gate. On the morning of the 12th, the school opened the signal shielding device, without her prior knowledge, the results of the first day about delivery and delivery of goods to customers, several times with the mobile phone transfer, checkout, found no signal, and later learned that the school opened the signal shielding device. For this reason, she made a special report to the school, but the school has not responded. 15, reporters in the vicinity of the school interview, also heard residents have a similar response.

Reporters reported to the school, the principal said that the morning of the 12th, the school is a professional title examination, usually the school internal examination without signal shielding device, unless it is the college entrance examination such a large test. Because the school is the test site, according to the requirements, both the mid-term and the end of the signal shielding device, considering the impact on the surrounding citizens, only to reduce the frequency of open shielding device.

No commission related person in charge of the city said, school testing can open signal shielding device, but the use of shielding device has provisions, can not interfere with public communications. They have been reminding the relevant units to lower the equipment and lower the transmitting power when the signal shielding device is turned on to minimize the impact on the public communication base station. He said he would communicate with the school.

After the coordination of the reporter, the university decided to adjust the transmitting power when using the shielding instrument in the future to minimize the interference to the communication base station. Prior to more communication with the surrounding residents, reduce the impact on the lives of citizens.