Differences of different functions of uav jammers

Airports in cities such as chengdu, chongqing and yunnan have been disrupted by the use of drones, with police offering rewards of up to 10, 000 yuan for information.

In April this year, Perfectjammer independently developed a new generation of anti-black flying drone jammer uav-d04ja, which can suppress the communication between the UAV and the remote control, forcing the UAV to hover, automatically land or drive away, thus ensuring the safety of low-altitude airspace.

Compared with the previous generation of products, the new jammer supports both 220V power supply and battery power supply modes, which is convenient to use and has longer working time.

In addition, on the basis of GNSS and 2.4g, 5.8g frequency band is added, which can defend more uavs in frequency band. Can also be equipped with standard size screw hole, support the use of tripod, convenient for long time squat point guard.

Although it looks like a sniper rifle, it works in a completely different way, by firing jamming signals that cut off communication between the drone and the controller and disrupt the GPS navigation system, forcing the drone to land or move away.

As you can see, eviction and forced landing are different. Both modes interfere with the drone’s positioning system, but eviction does not affect the pilot’s control, while a forced landing completely cuts off the connection between the drone and the pilot.