The Russian army’s most advanced drone jamming weapon

The Russian military spotted a number of small drones hovering near a Russian air base in Syria in recent nights and shot them down one by one, xinhua reported.

According to Russian sources, the drones are small and numerous, but the exact direction of their origin remains unclear. In the absence of confirmation of the drone’s origin, the russians simply spotted the small drone and destroyed it with special anti-aircraft equipment for military security reasons.

The incident should be considered a small military air defense mission for the Russian side. In this battle, the Russian side, stationed in the air base troops suffered no financial losses, casualties did not appear. Military bases are operating as before, with low levels of interference from drones

This is not the first time this year that a Russian drone has been involved. In January and April of this year, Russian military bases in Syria have been repeatedly disrupted by unidentified drones. But the russians have been less affected by the drones. Drones of all kinds have been destroyed or captured by Russia with drone jammer.