Why use cell phone jammers in factories

Assembly-line workers usually single operation, continuing to do a step or a link, the workshop workers working in operation when using mobile phones to cause any production safety accident, employees in the use of mobile phones on the inattention and negligence or unsafe operation actions taken and cause, cause unnecessary trouble, also make the enterprise work efficiency greatly reduced, many enterprise managers would choose the installation factory specialized cell phone jammer to block out the mobile phone signal, so as to make the employees more focused work. Therefore, a good mobile phone signal shielding device in the factory greatly increases the safety of work and the efficiency of work. A good factory dedicated to the mobile phone signal shielding device to change how to choose? 1. Good heat dissipation and long working time are required; 2. Large power and wide coverage; 3. Even so, many people won’t choose. In this case, we can use the special mobile phone signal blocker of jin-yuda technology factory.

The effective shielding range of the signal shielding device will be different in different use sites. This is closely related to the intensity of the signal field. Different system of mobile phones, in the same site shielding range is not necessarily the same;

Factors affecting the shielding scope include, but are not limited to, the distance from the base station, the orientation, the presence of obstacles, the wall material of the on-site building, the installation height of the shielding device, and the installation specifications