Build national signal network security signal jammer

There are certain people in this world who misuse the technology for dangerous intentions. They create such kind of applications, which can take out your personal data from your Smartphones without coming into your knowledge. Whenever you install a new social application, you are asked to allow the usage of data for the application. You also without giving a thought over it, give the permission for data usage to the application by pressing OK. As soon as you press OK, your whole personal details are forwarded to the hackers who can misuse them.

Signal jammers can be used to prevent anyone from using their cell phone from distances of over 70 feet away. They can be used to block wifi signals and prevent data from being snatched out of the air.

Even when you’re not in the office, or when the computers aren’t running, nearby jammers will stop data leaks by creating a constant storm of frequency noise.

This doesn’t stop there, apparently there exists potentially malicious towers that could carry out “over the air” attacks; it would just need a mobile device to connect to it. These towers then can be used as a point to install various attacks through spyware for eavesdropping on calls and messages. CryptoPhone has recently released a map that located 17 of these potentially malicious towers all over the US that was detected by users.

Some organizations choose to paint their walls with paint that has copper flakes to prevent information from escaping. Others just use jammers to make sure their information is scrambled, whether it leaks or not.

Signal jammer can scramble all types of frequencies (even the ones used by hackers). A signal jammer will put off a loud frequency noise that can drown out the communication between hackers and their devices.