What can we do with GPS jammers

There are only three kinds of satellite positioning signals commonly used in our world. One is the global GPS satellite signal of the United States, the big dipper satellite positioning signal produced by China and the Russian satellite positioning signal.

Vehicle real-time positioning depends on satellite signals to accurately locate the moving position of the vehicle, vehicle navigation can accurately navigate to any place in the world by satellite, satellite positioning signal error of 1-5 meters is accurate.

At present there are a positioning signal by mobile phones link stations to determine the location called (base station positioning signal) base stations located in the roof, top of the hill, such as benefits location basic density is 1000 meters to 5000 meters a densely populated place also has a 500-1000 meters if through base station positioning error is compared commonly big, the error is 1000 m to 5000 m)

Then if only blocked satellite positioning signal, other positioning signal can not accurately locating the vehicle location, the same style on the market of GPS blockers, prices vary with different how we distinguish good or bad, how to buy discriminant immobilizer blockers first choose formal company production product, brand, model and technical parameter (the market a lot of 3 without the product) 3 without the product after-sales, no warranty, mature technology does not affect the use effect.

GPS jammer car charger is an important component used in ordinary cars. The performance of the car charger is unstable and the current cannot make the GPS shielding device work normally. At present, only in this way can the car charger with wires be electrified to use 12-24v (please carefully identify when buying).