How to use signal jammer protect information security in the intelligent age

The technology behind signal jammer can prevent just about any type of reception (from cellular to wifi and radio).

The interception of email brings out information that is used by the NSA to find flaws/backdoors on the network and then create a loophole that can be accessed anytime in the future or when needed by the government or the spying organization. The reason why most of the cellular companies are concerned is the fact that user privacy is completely trashed and they have no control over the situation.

Not only simple users, but big tech giants are affected by this notorious activity of NSA under the USA government. USA own agencies are pushing forward by this activity of NSA. For example, the GSM Association is the new target of the NSA, as they carry communication between all the major tech giants including Facebook, Sony, Samsung and more. The total numbers of companies that are affected by the project are around 800 and they span over 200 countries. The statistics are really ugly and the world should stay up against the NSA.

Evidence of hackers stealing data is everywhere on the web. Just recently, over 140 million Americans had their personal information stolen during an Equifax data breach.

Hacking occurs daily in small doses around the world, evolving with technology to be smarter and better. That’s why it’s critical for businesses and organizations with sensitive data to invest in the added security of signal jammers.

Even if you think your data is safe when you’ve turned off the computer and left the office, think again. Hackers might not even need computers to be online anymore. Essentially, if someone is trying to prevent another person from stealing data, they need to block the signals that are floating between their technology.