GPS locators can be used legally

The court of the Ninth Circle decided a few days ago that it is perfectly legal for the police to attach a GPS tracking device to a person’s vehicle without his consent or warrant. The police could do this even if the person did not have a criminal background. This is alarming news for any free person who appreciates their right to privacy, and allows the police and other government agencies to easily spy on any person they choose without legal repercussions. Thanks to the GPS jammers available from Jammer Shop, GPS tracking devices used to track and monitor people’s location can still be turned off. Among the various specialized GPS jammers manufactured by Jammer Store, the GJ6 jammer is probably the best. It can block any GPS device and protect you from espionage. It’s small, light and easy to carry like a standard portable GPS jammer. However, you can also plug the GJ6 jammer into the power grid of any building or vehicle and use it like a standard desktop GPS jammer, making the GJ6 extremely versatile. The GJ6 jammer has a set of antennas that are specially designed to produce an extremely strong disruptive effect. The high-capacity rechargeable battery and built-in fan keep the GJ6 working for a long time before charging, even without overheating. A cell phone jammer with similar advanced features can also be purchased at the jammer shop.

It is a sad fact that the very people who are supposed to protect our privacy are allowed to disturb them. With the help of GPS jammers, we can still protect our privacy.

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