Russian jammers have attracted the attention of Chinese media. For the Sina portal, this weapon is a real “puzzle” facing the US, the navigation systems of the Pentagon being an indispensable tool for any mission of the army

Russian electronic gps jammer are able to decommission US GPS receivers and are a real “puzzle” for the United States, writes Chinese portal Sina.

As the report indicates, Russian aircraft can paralyze the Pentagon’s GPS systems, forcing the US to concede “one defeat after another”. The absence of the GPS signal significantly reduces the combat capability of weapons and leads to the waste of ammunition, writes the author of the article.

In this context, Washington is urgently developing GPS equipment capable of resisting interference, the author of the paper.

And to ad that, according to his data, it is the scrambling of the GPS used by Russia, in particular in Syria, which has put out the receivers of the NATO member countries.

Finally, he concludes that these actions require advanced communications technologies and brilliant mathematical knowledge, “what the Russians are known for”.

A few months ago, Norway and Finland accused Russia of intentionally torpedoing the Trident Juncture military exercises by disrupting the GPS system, claims strongly rejected by Moscow.