Electronic interference disrupted the anti-jihadist coalition’s operations in Syria

At the GEOINT 2018 Symposium, held in Tampa, Florida, by the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, General Raymond Thomas, the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Chief, delivered valuable information from specialized sites. The War Zone and Breaking Defense

Thus, he said, Syria has become “the most aggressive electronic warfare environment on the planet. And to add: Our opponents “test us every day, reducing our communications, disabling our AC-130 [or EC-130H Compass Call?], Etc.”

And since it is unlikely that Daesh has the ability to blur the electronic signals, the eyes can only turn to Russia, which has invested heavily in this area since the 2008 war against Georgia, and Syrian forces (even Iranian).

If General Thomas did talk about the cell phone jammer of the AC-130 “Gunship”, which is being carried out by the US Air Force’s special operations squadrons, then, the War Zone says, the problem is worrying.

Because these devices are used to provide support to ground troops, blocking their communications systems and data links may prevent them from having a clear idea of ​​what is happening on the ground or misleading them when it comes to identifying friendly and enemy positions, then coordinating their strikes in relation to other aircraft (or drones) and advanced airborne controls.