How to stop GPS tracking

GPS technology in the vehicle can be disturbed by so-called jamming or completely blocked. In the process, electromagnetic waves overlap the transmitter’s signals in the short or long term, rendering them unusable. For this, the jammer must be located near the GPS device. However, the use of whining is generally prohibited in Germany.

However, such a disruption must be distinguished from the much more expensive GPS spoofing, which not only disturbs the transmission but also transmits completely manipulated data.

Employees feel supervised

Telematics systems have been increasingly used in more and more fleets for a long time, with the help of which day-to-day work processes are increasingly being digitized. This primarily includes GPS tracking. Their use can bring numerous benefits to both the company and its employees. However, it also happens that employees with a telematics system in their vehicle feel permanently monitored: With the built-in technology, their locations can be viewed at any time and all the routes traveled are recorded accurately. Especially those who were allowed to use a service vehicle previously freely, thus feel monitored around the clock, restricted in their personal freedom and often treated unfairly.

At this point, however, they do not have many options. Although they must be informed about the mission, they can not usually refuse the technique. First and foremost, it serves the common good and has added value for the entire company. GPS may not be used for the mere monitoring of employees – especially not after work or on weekends.

Disruption of GPS not advisable

For some employees, whether with or without reason, therefore the following option seems attractive: With the help of jammers the vehicle location can be interrupted or even completely prevented. However, this procedure is definitely not recommended. First, sooner or later it will be noticed that something is wrong with the GPS device. And second, there is the not to ignore fact that gps jammer are banned in Germany. An employee who wants to prevent with a jammer that he is located, acts in the purchase and use contrary to regulations. In particular, because the radiation can disturb even where it is dangerous, such as ambulances or traffic control systems. The use of jammers can result in severe penalties. For some years, even the Federal Network Agency is against illegal misery. Administrative offenses can be punished with fines of up to € 50,000.