Effects of TV jammer

what effects does a cctv jammer have on the cctv cameras/monitor? Does it freeze the screen for the time the jamming takes place (with the last image frozen)and then return to normal. Does it cause the screen to go blank? What does it do?

Many people like to watch movies, but there are different types of movies, such as action, comedy, crime drama, thriller, adventure, biography, thriller, war and so on. Here to introduce a Chinese thriller called Overheard. “Overheard” is Mr. Mak and Felix Chong Wei Chun wrote in 2009 thriller from Hong Kong. The film is Lau Ching Wan, Tianle Gu and Wu Yanzu three police surveillance in a public company. The movie released in 2009 in Hong Kong theaters. One of the largest stock markets in the world, Hong Kong has not only attracted money, but also to attract anyone trying to manipulate the market. In Hong Kong Commercial Police Bureau crime, there is an action oozes into a trading company – Fenghua International, a man nicknamed “boss” is the main suspect. The prosecutor Liang (Lau Ching Wan) led the Criminal Intelligence Bureau and Yang (Gu Tianle) and Lin (Wu Yanzu) is installed with interception means to monitor the company’s communications.

If you are drawn to the film’s story, you can go to the cinema to enjoy it. The film is attractive, but there are some things can not be ignored, that is, you already know how the secrets of the company by a leak eavesdropping. One could say that this is just a movie is not real life. But it must be said, you are too naive! Eavesdropping is no stranger in our daily life. Do not ever think too late to repair. Otherwise, before you know it, your business will suffer huge losses, even a complete failure. So, as a smart homeowner or manager, you should consider a jammer audio or video wireless wireless jammer. Here, this powerful WiFi wireless jammer portable jammer option and any Bug Wireless Camera for your reference.

Many security companies like Brichom use CCTV cameras and monitors to arrange reliable security for different facilities. CCTV jammer can deal with those cameras too but security service will have red alert because all CCTV monitors will show no picture from the cameras thus you may have a lot of troubles because of that