What can I do to block WiFi-CERTIFIED Passpoint access

Hello! When this program will end its testing, we would become its subscribers, but I want to have some control over my kids and their wireless internet usage time. Can I do something to have the ability to block their access to WiFi-CERTIFIED Passpoint internet when I need that?

The only bad thing here may be the fact that these blocking devices are acceptable to the government in most countries and you can guess for a reliable reason. After all, you can block someone’s emergency call to the police or hospital. This is why you are not advised to use this device if you live in a country where the law rejects the use of mobile phone disruptors. But on the other hand, if you think that no one knows that you are the one who interferes with the signal, you are free to buy cell phone signal interceptors on the Internet. This will really help you because in the end you will feel free and know how to handle your problems.

Technology has indeed made a huge leap forward in recent years, and now how to create a mobile jammer is not an extra, but an impulse. That’s why there’s even $ 50, which is pretty cheap equipment. Maybe that’s one of the main reasons, because so many people keep chatting. Anyway, if you want to stop them, there is a simple solution, as simple as effective. The answer to all the questions is called a cell phone jammer.

There are many hardware developers which already received Passpoint certification. Among them are such companies like Qualcomm, Cisco, Broadcom, MediaTek and Intel. So now it all depends on mobile phone network providers and in the nearest future you will be able to connect to many hotspots around you from your smartphone even more easily.

As long as polls demonstrated that lots of people are willing to get the Passpoint connection and friends of your kids will probably have it too, it will create even more temptation for your kids to use their new wireless internet even longer, thus you need to have the turn-off button in your hands indeed. For this purpose you can use WiFi-CERTIFIED Passpoint jammer that will block WiFi Alliance wireless internet access for sure and improve the discipline of your kids.