Can cell phone jammers have negative effects?

Hi everybody! I’ve heard that nowadays WiFi is not an absolutely secure connection and it can be hacked. I also heard that there is a new camera on the market and I am afraid of being spotted by it. Can I secure myself from it?

In classrooms, teachers do not like the continuous rings of the cell phone because they naturally disturb the order of the class. So many parents and teachers advocate the use of the mobile telephony signal blocker at school. Maybe it’s not feasible and legal to confiscate students’ mobile phones. But it is polite and reasonable to use the cell phone signal jammer in class.

If Dropcam HD WiFi monitoring camera will spot you, you can’t prevent it from recording captured data to the PC it is connected to. Also it is worth mentioning that live streaming video of this webcam is streamed through the cloud service and it is encrypted. But to connect with mobile devices like iPhone or Android-based smartphone this monitoring camera uses WiFi connection. The price of Dropcam HD WiFi monitoring camera is $149 and additional $9.95 per month if you will decide to use the DVR-style recording ability.

Thus in order to not let the video with you pictured in it spread across personal mobile devices via WiFi connection you can block Dropcam HD WiFi monitoring camera and secure yourself from its watchful eye at most.