Is Verizon Remote Diagnostics a threat to me?

Hi everyone! I want to buy LG Revolution soon but I heard that Verizon put their Remote Diagnostics tool there by default and I will not be able to get rid of it. Is there something I must know about it?

Signal blockers are even used in universities, schools, government agencies and prisons. Blocking the conversation on these places certainly can not become a distraction. On the contract, defendants and students can not cheat by contacting others or strangers. Thus, the benefits of using portable cell wave jammer are immense. It has become a mandatory addition in high security areas such as detention centers and prisons. It prevents illegal communication between visitors and inmates. Nowadays, it is even used in places like libraries and cinemas. As a result, having a jammer can help maintain a calm atmosphere, prevent cheating and increase security. Keep in mind that signal jammers are not designed to injure or injure the general public. They give calm and peace to people.

Not only Verizon involved in this but HTC too. Soon all HTC smartphones will be coming with pre-installed LogMeIn Remote and Verizon will make its LG Revolution and Samsung Droid Charge with pre-installed Verizon Remote Diagnostics tool from AetherPal. According to official statements, both HTC and Verizon are trying to reassure customers that there will be no tricks with their remote customer tech support tools.

Do you remember the Carrier IQ case? Here and now we have almost the same situation, except now we know what is the official purpose of the software in our smartphones. Still as it was with Carrier IQ software, HTC LogMeIn Remote and Verizon AetherPal Diagnostics tool are not uninstallable. And those companies are trying to lie to us and say that it is not true that the only thing they really want is to spy on us day and night