Can I block the new Belkin AC1200 DB Gigabit router

Hello everyone! I have heard that there is such camera called Internet of Things which is small enough to be hidden in my house and take pictures. It would take too much time for me to look for it so is there any reliable protection against it?

It is necessary to protect the daily life related to confidential data. If you have a wireless connection to a nearby Internet, personal data is still potentially dangerous. Personal account information is stolen, attacked, etc. People have less face-to-face communication. In this case, a strong mobile scrambling device is needed. Many people cross the road in modern society. It is a very bad habit to walk by the side of the road. Have you ever heard of a man walking on his mobile phone, not looking at the road, then falling into the sewer? Even worse, it can be dangerous for others, such as car accidents. They would look at their phones and ignore the cars. I do not care about security. To protect your security, use the signal shield of your mobile phone.

Cell phone jammer are widely used around the world. Recently, many people’s mobile phone signals went bad. In this case, it is more likely to be subject to a mobile jammer, which can help many people cope with noise. There are various deterrent jamming devices. The higher the price, the greater the interference radius of the job and the greater the interference with the signal from the mobile phone. Cell phone jammers are widely used in everyday life. For important occasions such as meetings, business meetings, important information must be protected. In this case, we will use the scrambling device. Because no one will listen to you. To protect your information, you must use this type of scrambling device. We will protect confidential information.

But that are not all surprises which might wait for you! This tiny photo camera has the SD card inside that is called Eye-Fi. It is not a regular SD card but more advanced type of those cards. Eye-Fi has built-in WiFi inside that is used to send pictured photos to iPhone, iPad, any Android device, laptop or PC with the wireless connection right after the picture was taken. The software inside the Internet of Things camera creates notification via Twitter, e-mail or other service for the person who placed the camera that the picture was taken and it is stored in the predefined place.

Oh, I’ve almost forgot. Internet of Things camera has a motion sensor that helps it to determine when a picture must be taken. The rest of the time it remains in the passive mode, waiting for the movement to appear in front of it. So if you don’t want to waste a lot of your time trying to find that hidden photo camera, you can simply prevent Eye-Fi of Internet of Things camera from sending taken pictures elsewhere. This will grant you the peace of mind until you’ll find spare time to look for hidden camera in your house and discover it!