What is the use of indoor tracking against Rosum ALLOY chips

Hi everybody! I have heard that this new kind of tracking will use TV signals to find out where exactly are people inside the building. Is it even possible at all?

How do you react if someone uses the distraction of your phone? Do you think mobile phone jammers could be useful? How does the phone card work? The radio waves that it sends are at the same frequency with the mobile phone and the antenna. Advanced features are built-in, so you can remotely control panning and tilting.

With the development of science and technology, some large companies, has now installed mobile phone signal jammer in the work area, this cell phone signal jammer can interfere, WiFi, completely isolate the function of your phone, let employees work better. Especially in a large conference room, they use a cell phone jammer, make sure the meeting is not interrupted, the meeting information is stolen, not only improves the efficiency and also improved the protective measures some information. Do not let competitors or criminals profit.

Their ALLOY indoor tracking technology works in this way: the A-GPS signal that is used for precise outdoor tracking will do the first part of the location finding job, and the mobile TV signals will be used for further location alignment inside the building where GPS tracking is almost helpless. So in that way ALLOY will know exact spot where you are in the building.

Rosum will manufacture first chips with ALLOY technology inside this month, but they will be femtocell-oriented, so do not expect this technology on handsets soon. Nevertheless, tracking technology is constantly developed so if this tracking will succeed then it may appear on smartphones in the next year maybe. But jamming technology is also developed at the same time. As long as there is no point in jamming all TV signals in your house, you can just block Rosum ALLOY indoor tracking signal by jamming its A-GPS part and leaving mobile TV signals to work like they should, i.e. as an ordinary mobile TV signals.