How can I prevent Bluetooth Bulb from working?

Hello everyone! I know that it is only a prototype yet when it be in mass production my family members want to get few. I am wondering if I be able to get a little bit of control over those bulbs by disabling their control for other people in the house?

And if such technology was mandatory, Shahan observed, “What about being able to join 911 in an emergency where it’s not safe to leave the road, or use a phone to navigate or to get directions? ”

It is illegal to have a mobile phone in hand while driving in California and in at least a dozen other states. But that does not stop people from doing it.

As long as this is only a prototype and there are no mas production have been started yet, Bluetooth Bulb will be available later. In fact, its creators are willing to demonstrate their device at IFA 2012 in Berlin between 3rd and 5th September, so if there will be an investor or distributor, they can get funds to start a mass production and let Bluetooth Bulb get into our homes.

But if you want to block its work and seize control over this device, you need to use Bluetooth Bulb GPS jammer that will prevent any wireless signals of paired gadgets from getting to the bulb.