Can someone crack my cell phone with a Bluetooth connection?

Hi there, tell me if someone can get into my phone with a Bluetooth connection, is it possible? Are there some ways of protection?

The publication of this article was presented at the 19th Annual Symposium on Network and Distributed Systems Security held in San Diego. It is at a time when different operators, mobile phone manufacturers and software developers are incarcerated about the privacy of users. Reports released Friday on Google and other companies assumed that code on many iPhones allowed various companies to track the activities of users without their awareness. Apple itself swore earlier this week that it was going to purge these apps from its App Store, which sneakily grabbed users’ contact lists. The software developer Carrier IQ was certainly at the center of the controversy over the last few months about whether many operators were using its modern technology to track all users in a complex way.

Bluetooth works for up to 200 meters, but that’s in theory and depends on obstacles and weather. So, to perform a hack hacker must stay real close to you. You should know that Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit data and there are a lot of devices which use that frequency too.

Perfectjammer can recommend a couple of protective measures, try to keep a device in the Bluetooth undiscoverable mode and keep it that way until you really need to use a connection. You may also try to set a complicated pin code on your Bluetooth. But keep in mind that those measures will not guarantee that you phone won’t be hacked. But a Bluejacking gps jammer device will!