Can Raspberry Pi be used for hidden video surveillance?

The electronic GPS jammer plays a powerful role in the war The US strategy was defined in six words: “Put them back on the wire”. By neutralizing the radio-controlled bombs, the jammers forced the insurgents to use more rudimentary triggers, such as command wires. These triggers would be easier to detect, in theory, and would bring triggermen closer to their bombs, where US troops could capture or kill them.

So, why does not Google fix the security bug? There may be several reasons, but the main reasons suggest that the security bug is deeply buried in the operating system. And to restart updates for the operating system, they must begin publishing operating system updates with OEMs that will resolve the security issue. The massive impact of the security bug can be evaluated at the scale of the operating system update that Google needs to fix the security bug.

The only thing here is that Raspberry camera records video in low resolution and your room mate won’t be able to do anything with that. And the most vulnerable spot of the system is that that it relies on Wi-Fi networks for data streaming. And those wireless networks are vulnerable to exploits as well as for blocking. The most convenient way to organize a hidden video surveillance here is to use a couple of Raspberry’s and a PC. Mini PC’s will stream video to the main PC, where the picture will be available over the Internet.

So, in order to make sure that nobody watches you, we at Perfectjammer can recommend you to block all the wireless networks around you. To do that you’ll need some of our devices, and as long as you need that as just a temporary measure, I’d recommend you to use a portable Wi-Fi jamming device for that. It will ensure 15 meters (50 feet) of safety around you.