Wireless security issues with Uniden Guardian wireless surveillance system.

Good day to you, people! I’d like to install Uniden Guardian wireless video surveillance system and I want to make sure that it will work fine. I need to know whether it is safe enough and can someone simply block the signals from my wireless cameras. Many thanks in advance!

Because of my own experience working with WebView, they are an integral part of the Android operating system and require special attention from the Google security system. This is not the first time Google has tried to protect its products and services from hackers. The biggest case against Google’s security policies is the NSA’s penetration into their secure system, stealing tons and tons of secure data from their data center.

many months, the gaps in electronic warfare expertise were evident among Army and Navy units. “We had all these boxes there and people did not know how to use them,” said Aram Macy, commander of the Surface Naval Warfare Center. “They were going to light them, thinking they were protected when they were not.”

Also, you will be able to access any cam you have installed via iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone with help of special app. That’s the feature that makes Uniden Guardian to be a really cool wireless surveillance system. But you should be careful and install those apps only in your app stores, because third party app vendors may infect your device with mobile viruses.

What’s for security of the system itself, you should know that it is not the best choice to rely on wireless video surveillance, because their security will be always lower in comparison with wired ones. The reason here lies in the fact that any signal that is being sent with a radio wave may be blocked and a simple 2.4 GHz G[S signal jammer device will be able to block signals, coming from those wireless camera to a central receiver. That’s why we always recommend to use wired systems for home surveillance and security.