Blocking MeCam quadrocopter. How to?

Hello, guys! I have a question regarding that recently presented MeCam quadrocopter. I need to know is it possible to spy o people with help of that tiny drone? And if it is yes — I suppose that there is a way to block it. But I’d like to know your opinion on that.

In support of third-party patch work, Google releases the following statement: “If the affected [WebView] version is earlier than 4.4, we do not usually develop the patches ourselves, but we accept patches with the report”. They also added: “In addition to notifying OEMs, we will not be able to act on reports that affect versions prior to 4.4 and that are not accompanied by a fix.”

The current situation is worse because of the lower number of Android 4.4 Kitkat users. The bug was reported for the first time by Tod Beardsley of Rapid7, who warned that the security bug can be fatal for Android users who use versions below Android 4.4. When we take the number of Android users around the world and count them according to statistics, the security bug seems more serious. The impact may be more than expected and users will eventually be hindered.

You can control MeCam quadrocopter with your iPhone or Android smartphone and it will be able to stream video it captures to it. It has rather advanced stabilization technology, so you’ll be able to take photos and shoot panoramas as well. It establishes Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone and it is its most vulnerable spot. As you know Wi-Fi standard is rather vulnerable. Those devices have lots of legality issues, but despite that drones are really popular among the US.

As we’ve already mentioned – the connection between a copter and a smartphone is the most vulnerable spot here, and we will use that to disable that MeCam quadrocopter. It uses 2,4 GHz frequency, which widely used for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and we are able to block it. All you are going to need here is a portable Wi-Fi signal jammer. That device will disable all the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections around you and will leave that MeCam without control. Also it will surely block video streaming