Can that Android Beam NFC bug be dangerous?

Hello guys! I’m a happy Android smartphone user. Actually I have Samsung Galaxy SIII and I’ve discovered that there is a bug in that Android Beam technology. I do not use that really frequently, but I would like if this bug can be dangerous? And if it is yes – how’s that and how can I protect my device from that?

The monitoring agencies have so much in common with Google today. A little cynical thought, but Google turns out to be one of the companies that do not care about the security of their users.

Google has been the leader of the security department. They not only protect their products against bugs, but also participate in other major security software. Now they have left a big bug that needs fixing. The Android operating system becomes defective in its WebView component used for rendering web pages.

Previous attempts to fix core operating system bugs were neither timely nor successful, and this can be good news for hackers trying to steal information from your computer.

Hacker is able to replace tags and data containers in the packages, that are sent between devices via NFC and get a full access to the targeted device. So your own mobile phone is turned into GSM eavesdropping bug. In general, the whole thing looks like a huge virtual gateway, which enables hacker to connect your device remotely, copy, modify or even erase data from the physical memory of the device, access the web, intercept phone calls and messages and even dial phone numbers. In that case if he will dial his own phone number, he will be able to listen to everything that is going on around the phone itself.

So we at Perfectjammer can recommend to avoid using that NFC based Android Beam technology, because it may lead to data leaks. The good news are that this technique is not that convenient, because hacker will have to remain close to the target, due to the short working range of the NFC. But if you’d like to ensure 100% safety and security of your device, you may try to turn the NFC module off, or use our special NFC GPS jammer device. That will surely block all the hacking attempts based on exploiting that bug