How can I stop FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale from sharing the personal data on my weight?

I need FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to be stopped! I like them, I like how they work, but that device shares my personal data, and I don’t want it to. Is there any way to stop those scales?

Android 4.4 and later users will not be affected by the security bug because WebView is not the primary component of the operating system. In addition, Google Play Services apps are in a safe place because they can be easily updated without the interference of OEMs and operators.

Google has at least recognized the security bug. Even after becoming aware of the seriousness of the disease, they do not really offer a solution to the problem. The only correct part of Google in the whole scenario is to accept third-party fixes for the devices.

It was done for you to be able to monitor your body parameters, make plans and achieve your goals. Due to visualization you can easily monitor your progress in achieving goals that you have set. Furthermore that device can also monitor your BMI, so called body mass indicator, calculated with body fat percentage and weight parameters. All the data is sent on your local PC or a notebook, to the FitBit’s server or a couple of mobile apps.

If you want the device to stop sharing your personal data, you should deal with its Wi-Fi connectivity. It connects to a local network via Wi-Fi, using a 2.4 GHz frequency. In that case the only thing Perfectjammer Inc. can advise you to do – is simply to jam the Wi-Fi connection. The problem is that, that if you will simply turn off the Wi-Fi router, while using the scales – the data will be stored and transmitted at the moment when the connection will be established.

The best way here will be using our Wi-Fi jammer device. It will surely prevent FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale from sharing your personal data.