Can someone hack into my FloCase NFC enabler?

Hi there, I’ve backed FloCase kickstarter project. I just needed my iPhone 5 to support NFC, but recently I found out that FloCase’s API source code is open and I wonder if someone has a possibility to hack it?

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Cell phone jammers can block cell towers, so no nearby phone will show any service. But once you turn off the jammer, all phones will be restored. It’s an easy way to keep away from noisy mobile phones. A cell phone jammer only blocks the frequency of a silent phone, not other electronic devices – unless you choose to block the functionality of an electronic device together.

Many people still do not use NFC and many more even don’t know what it is. NFC or near filed communications is a technology that connects your mobile gadget to any NFC-enabled devices in the area. It works just like a Bluetooth, but you won’t need to pair those devices. NFC technology is used mostly for electronic payments but it is not the only implement of this technology.

Lots of devices like Nokia’s Play Up Portable Speaker supports near filed communications. The technology is used for streaming audio. Those FloCase and FloJack devices are using an open source code so anyone will be able to program wireless NFC tags as he want. So your mobile device will be able to read your tags and react on them as you’ve programmed it.

If you really need to block those near field communications may have a solution right for you. As you know, NFC uses radio frequencies to transmit data. You should know that that technology is based on RFID technology that is used for identification by RF. Both those standards are totally jammable with our VHF/UHF jamming device. You should know that it will also jam all the CCTV cameras in the area around you