What can you tell me about that Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper?

Hi there! I really need to know what this Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper is, how it works and can it be an alternative to Wi-Fi jammer? Many thanks in advance!

With the help of the earth box, planes can locate the suspect at a distance of 10 feet and identify his exact position. In addition to this, the personal information of the smartphone user from mobiles and tablets such as messages, letters, notes, images and videos can be retrieved. There is a way to get rid of surveillance: it uses mobile phone jammers. The size of the dust bin is about 2 feet and its operation is really interesting. In fact, it deceives the mobile phone by offering the best network or signal possible and automatically connects to the device. Since mobile handsets are programmed to automatically connect to the best possible signal without any command from their users, the owners have no idea. But, it is obvious that the new technology will not work if the smartphone is in sleep mode.

Let us give you an example: if a suspect is supposed to own a Verizon mobile device, the dirtbox would send a false signal, which would deceive Verizon handsets, including those on the Verizon network. the plane is the nearest available tower for the Verizon signal. Once the handsets have detected the false signal, they will automatically start sending their registration information by pinging the device. In fact, the dirtbox is able to collect information on tens of thousands of smartphones, even in a densely populated area. However, Verizon has not confirmed their connection with such a program. On the other hand, the two other major telecom operators, Sprint and AT & T, said nothing about this. Interestingly, Boeing, the company that makes the device did not say anything either.

That special wallpaper was designed by scientist from French Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble. The have managed to create a wallpaper that simply let’s no Wi-Fi signals in or out. We can say that it is really Wi-Fi proof. Anti Wi-Fi wallpaper has such blocking abilities thanks to special silver minerals that are embedded into wallpaper’s structure. The point here is in that, that other signals like GSM, CDMA or even 4G are free to pass through it. You should know that Bluetooth will be blocked too, because it uses the same frequency as Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz.

But we at Jammer-Store Inc. can say that that wallpaper won’t be an alternative to a jamming devices, because in order to block all the Wi-Fi signals that come from one particular room you will have to put that wallpaper everywhere: on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, on the doors and windows. That’s why it will be not as convenient as a tiny Wi-Fi jammer.

Sales of that wallpaper will start next year and the developers promise to create a translucent version for the windows. I can say that the answer to your last question is no, because using a signal blocker will be far more convenient and if the situation when you need to stop blocking Wi-Fi occurs, you’ll be able to turn the jammer off without removing wallpapers.