Is it possible to cheat somehow in Ingress using GPS or mobile phone jammer?

I’m not a cheater, but it would be cool to try that! I also need to know how it will affect a player if I’ll turn a signal blocker nearby? Examples and other information would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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Now let’s get to cheating with GPS signal blockers. If you will use those devices near Ingress players they will probably loose GPS reception and in that case their mobile device will be unable to obtain it’s coordinates. So if a player tries to capture a portal and you will turn the GPS jammer device on – he won’t be able to capture it, because his mobile device and Ingress app wouldn’t know that they are near it!

You may also try to use a universal mobile phone blocker for this purpose, but its effect will appear to be a little different. As you know that game requires Internet connection with Google’s servers to be operational. But if you will use a universal 2G, 3G, 4G signal jammer – you will block all the mobile Internet connections in the area and players will be kicked out from the servers. So you will be able to hold a portal as long as you want, until your jamming device works.