What can I do to prevent Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor from working?

I need some tips on blocking that plant sensor. I think that it is not fair that my neighbor uses it for our annual gardening contest. So I need to stop it, any ideas on how to do it?

The US Navy is requesting US $ 459.52 million in its 2019 FY 2019 budget for the continued development of the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ), which is designed to address the current, emerging, and evolving shortcomings of electronic warfare.

However, not much threat is posed to the US military. For these radio GPS signal  jammers to work, the unit should be positioned close enough to the targets. It would be hard to do unless you knew where they would be and when “a former American drone developer explained anonymously to Motherboard.

You should know that that device has some kind of a database where all the parameters for more than 200 various plant species are included and calculated. You’ll only need to input the specie’s name and that plant sensor will do everything else. Developer’s team works on improving that database so you will surely have your plant included there. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor connects your Wi-Fi network and shares all the data with your smartphone or tablet over internet. That gadget will also send notification when some of your plants need your attention.

Jammer Store Corporation has some ideas on how to solve your problem. As long as it works via Wi-Fi you will be able to deal with it easily. The only thing you need is to block the Wi-Fi frequency, which is 2.4 GHz. The only thing you need is a simple Wi-Fi blocking device. As long as you need to jam your neighbour’s device you will surely need a really powerful device with a huge blocking range. And that will be that powerful stationary Wi-Fi signal blocker. It will surely block that plant sensor and save your annual contest.