I need some tips on blocking Cocorobo’s remote controls!

Hi there, is there any way to block the remote controls of my Cocorobo vacuum cleaner. I need to achieve that while I’m at home because that robot has a camera and I don’t want it to spy on me.

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The Cocorobo robotic vacuum cleaner connects your home’s wireless Wi-Fi network and you can access it over the internet. If you have a fast internet connection you’ll be able to control your cleaning and surveillance robot remotely and see what it sees thanks to a decent built in wireless camera. In case if you are running slow internet connections like 3G you will have no video streaming, only room mapping, the position of the Cocorobo wil be shown on the map of your r.

We at jammer-store.com have a solution to your problem. I’ve already mentioned that Cocorobo connects your home’s wireless network and in a matter of fact it uses 2.4 GHz frequency. That’s why it is possible to block that connection. You may try to use a Wi-Fi signal jammer so your Cocorobo will surely be left without controls, but it won’t disturb him from cleaning your floor