Is it possible to block VivoPlay?

Hi there guys! I’ve stumbled upon a VivoPlay review on the Internet and I’d like my kids to have that thing. I don’t want to buy something expensive for them, because I fear that an expensive mobile phone would attract criminals. And I’ve also heard that it is hard to bloc that device, so I’ll be able to reach it every time. Is it truth, or there is a way to disrupt all the communications of that device?

A New South Wales Correctional Services spokeswoman said the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) recently approved a two-year trial for telephone jamming equipment at Goulburn Prison.

The Lithgow jamming device uses dozens of antennas installed inside the center to emit a very low power signal, thus preventing mobile phones inside the prison from connecting to a mobile phone tower. network.

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that China had violated Vietnam’s sovereignty by installing military UAV scrambling equipment on the outposts of Truong Sa in the Spratly Islands off the sea. from China.

Now lets find out how the device works. It uses its GPS module for finding its location and geofencing. There are rumors that device will use Google Maps Geolocation API. You can install an application for your smartphone that will allow you to define the area where your kid is allowed to enter or not. If your kid leaves the fenced area you will be notified and his location will be visible on the map in this application. Also if there is a trouble your child may use a panic button. It will make VivoPlay to dial 5 predefined phone numbers so he or she will probably get help.

Wi-Fi and GSM module will be able to help if the device is indoor, cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi navigation will be used. But you should keep in mind that each of those features can be easily blocked one by one, but it will be really hard to block all three communication frequencies at once, it will require a very specific signal jammer, which is pretty rare and hard to get.