How can I avoid Google WiFi snooping?

Hi everyone! Is it true that Google uses our WiFi connections to spy on us? If it is then I want to have something that will protect me from it. Is there anything like that?

The Lithgow jamming device uses dozens of antennas installed inside the center to emit a very low power signal, thus preventing mobile phones inside the prison from connecting to a mobile phone tower. network.

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that China had violated Vietnam’s sovereignty by installing military UAV scrambling equipment on the outposts of Truong Sa in the Spratly Islands off the sea. from China.

The ALQ-99, which dates back nearly 50 years, has reached its limit of what it can do, especially against a modern threat, in terms of effective isotropic radiated power, advanced modulation and capacity. “The reason we are buying the next-generation gps jammer, whose first increment will reach initial operational capability by 2021, is that the threat is becoming more and more advanced, and this threat is in the electromagnetic spectrum. unfold in the electromagnetic spectrum, “said Vice Admiral Michael Manazir, director of Air Warfare Navy, to members of Congress in April, while reviewing the status of Next Gen Jammer.

Called Google Wi-Spy, this incident reveals that Google intentionally collects private data of Americans using its Google Street View cars. Still I guess the privacy of any person is extremely important aspect of our life and it does not matter how big or influential Google is – it must respect the privacy of all people in USA and other countries around the world as well.

There is no need to crush the whole Google in order to protect your privacy against such intrusion 🙂 You can avoid Google WiFi snooping at home by blocking WiFi connections of Google Street View cars. In such way you will be sure that one of those cars will not steal your personal data when it will pass your house