What can you tell me about the security of Belkin’s WeMo light switch?

Hello! I’ve decided to upgrade my home lighting system with those Wi-Fi compatible light switches, but I have some doubts about it when it comes to security. What are the worst consequences of the misuse of those devices?

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Belkin’s WeMo product line is pretty popular and it is focused on bringing Wi-Fi home remote controlled and automated systems. Those gadgets are pretty popular, but as you’ve guessed they have a couple of security issues. First of all you should remember that Wi-Fi network those devices are operating with is really vulnerable and someone may try to use it against you, in other words Wi-Fi connection can be hacked. What can be done when the switch is hacked? Hacker may have a possibility to manipulate with your lights and even cause a fire. Wireless hacking is really wide spread these days. Also those devices have a closed API and we at Perfectjammer.com think that it is good for security, because hackers won’t crack it easily, but you won’t be able to sync those Belkin’s WeMo devices with other, non-Belkin products.

Another thing you should know is that those devices are operating 2.4 GHz frequency, (the same as Bluetooth) and they can be blocked with a Wi-Fi signal jammer and the device will become useless if there’s one around. But those signal blocking devices may also protect those switches from hackers simply blocking the networks in the areas where it is accessible from the outside of your house. In that case evildoer will have to actually get into your house or the apartment to be able to connect your Wi-Fi network. So those signal blockers may appear to be a solution of your problem