Will SFC15 block video calls?

I need some tips on how to block video calls on mobile phones! I suppose that it is 3G that is used for that so will your SFC15 block it? Many thanks in advance!

But Russia’s ability to jam and intercept video streams from this category of drones is well established at this stage. The country has a wide range of portable and vehicle-mounted electronic warfare systems capable of jamming transmissions and transmitting false information in networks, including GPS spoofing signals and potentially sending out groups and cars.

The US military wants the drone-mounted Wi-Fi signal jammer to dominate the future electronic warfare and move to a poorly understood and unregulated procurement method for obtaining them.

Scramblers are able to differentiate hostile drones from hostile drones. If the threat is identified as hostile, it will be classified as a real threat that will then be intercepted in the “Act” phase. The Jammer can be deployed in a minimum amount of time and goes into action immediately. These drone jammers only operate in secure areas and can completely disable all drone flights ranging from 1 meter to 2000 meters.

4G is the fastest mobile generation and it provides even better speeds than 3G. And that mobile standard may be used for making video calls. To block 4G you will need more advanced signal blocker because SFC15 will not block 4G because those mobile generations use different frequencies for broadcasting. 3G uses 2100 MHz and 4G uses frequencies around 875 MHz frequency band. But we at jammer-store.com can provide you the device that will block 4G.

To be sure that no one will be able to make video calls around you, you should try to block both 3G and 4G and this portable 3G/4G jamming device is able to achieve that. It will block not only 3G and 4G, but 2G as well. What advantages you will get? You will be able to block GSM and CDMA as well and it will block voice calls and text messages too. Also that signal blocker will prevent locating you with a cell tower triangulation