High-power portable GPS jammer can block most signals

High power portable gps jammer, a powerful solution to completely block all mobile phones in the vicinity, both standard GSM but also new 3G models, as well as WiFi networks. It can be used worldwide.

Powerful and efficient, this GPS jammer deactivates all nearby WiFi and 3G networks, as well as other mobile phone signals (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS bands) without interrupting other electronic devices. Compact in size, with an easy-to-access activation button, which allows users to quickly turn the power on or off for immediate jamming of portable signals.

It is very variable, some people are disappointed; because they expect too much.

This, in my opinion, is what it is. As a general rule and logically, the stronger the network where you are, the harder it will be to jam the signal.

– outdoors, not even worth a try, except by being glued to the phone you want to scramble.

– indoors, it all depends on the structure of the building, and the strength of the signal it lets through. I have had good results in supermarkets; for example.

– in public transport: it also depends on the strength of the signal at time T; I had excellent results on trains and buses, but not at the stations, rather in the countryside.