This society will make you feel uncomfortable if you do n’t play with your phone for a while

Kilometer tax: Truck drivers use a gps jammer to avoid paying
dh.beTax kilometer: Truck drivers use a wifi jammer to avoid paying dh.beSome truck drivers use a gps jammer to avoid paying the kilometer tax, RTL-TVi revealed on Monday. This device, sold on the internet, prevents the normal functioning of the OBU box, which calculates the kilometers traveled … and more ».

Kilometer tax Trucks use a jammer not to pay – RTL 5 Minutes (Registration) 5 minutes RTL (Registration) Kilometer tax Trucks use a jammer not to pay RTL 5 Minutes (Registration) In order to avoid paying the kilometer tax, some truck drivers over 3.5 tonnes have a GPS jammer. The vehicle then becomes stealthy, so to speak. Anonymously, a foreign transporter spoke in the RTL info at 1 p.m. and more »
A telecommunications jammer is equipment that emits a signal intended to partially or completely prevent communication between a transmitter and a receiver. While encryption refers to digital signal processing, the scrambler refers to analog communication. Interference is achieved by superimposing a spurious signal on the normal signal.

Imagine yourself in the metro, on the train, in the restaurant, in any of these public places where nothing is more unpleasant than being disturbed by an unconscious who tells his sad intimate life, gives orders or bursts out of laugh without even sharing with us the cause.

So imagine that in such a moment, the conversation is brutally interrupted. The guy, the girl looks at her mobile, which has become dumb, wondering what is going on, understanding nothing. By swearing after this junk that doesn’t work.
And imagine that the person responsible for this interruption is you … (or your neighbor).

When you start the Legal Cell Phone Jammer, you literally block any mobile signal in an area within a given perimeter. In the case of the GSM network, the technology is the same as the technology used to disrupt radio waves. We all know that our mobile phones use antennas from a particular network to establish a signal. What a cell phone jammer does is simply transmit the same radio frequency as the mobile signals and in this way it breaks the connection between the phone and the nearest antenna. There are therefore legal mobile jammers in France!