Most jammers are very expensive

Now some criminals are using tracking devices to get the location of others and steal their privacy. It really is a terrible situation. In this case, jammers those who are concerned about their privacy being used. If you look closely on our site you will find this mini GPS satellite signal interceptors is our best seller signal is blocked. Why this product is so popular

Mini portable interference can block all satellite signals generally susceptible to interference. interference movement has a high gain antenna. It helps in better detection of compatible devices within a specific range exists and all works to avoid the field of work, but does not affect the use of other electronic devices. You can still use the phone, Wifi gadgets, so when you open the GPS jammers, don’t worry about the signal interference. Using the device can prevent others from tracking your location, and easy to protect your privacy.

the stop operating range of 1500-1600MHz, in accordance with a given signal, the interference coverage radius up to 15m. The GPS signal blocking signal is intended to prevent the tracking signal, once the signal is blocked, GPS tracker loses its normal function.

GPS interference can be inserted by a simple cigarette lighter supplied lighter in a moving vehicle. Thus, the device is designed to be used only in cars, for which the owners of its GPS tracker installed in their car is very practical. Up to 15 m by effective interference smaller radius interfering dimensions of GPS signals.

Surfing the Internet, you will find that most prices for gps jammer are high, ranging from $ 200 to $ 2,000. But if you turn this mini GPS satellite signal blocking device, you will be happy with its low price. Although the GPS jammer with a lot of features, has a good design.

In general, car GPS jammers with good coverage, mini-compact size, low price. You attract and if so why not now not buy one if you have a better sense of security. You should note that, GPS signal jammers to block only GPSL1 car tracker signals. The need to avoid other GPS band, you can buy other types of jammers.