Hope you remember the jammer is an electronic signal weapon

Everyday we have heard a lot of complaints, the privacy protection is broken, we do everything to organize other people and various espionage, such as the National Security Authority hidden. That is why we decided to interfere in a store to provide you with some suggestions on how to protect your privacy and various jamming devices and not to harm anyone else. First, we hope you remember signal jammer signal is a weapon, he can be mean to hurt, so be careful.

From constantly evolving science and technology, eavesdropping a lot of equipment can be used to track, collecting specific data, such as login / password, smart phone – mail and you know you can. No matter who the smart, modern mobile operating system mobile phone is, its manufacturer and it’s up and running, it’s dangerous, but the main reason is a fact, a device with all the data for you. are currently from contact information, your friends, and so on.
This is why hacking tried to find in the report of Spiegel, is the new style of secret service – real, such as surveillance of the National Security Agency from your phone. It is the easiest and the most expensive in order to get large amounts of data. Here the most dangerous that you can’t do everything.

You should worry about wireless network is the second thing. Most of the smart phone users in a public place, Wi-Fi connection, not only their use on the Internet, and the installation of updates and mobile processing information from their bank. This is very dangerous, especially for an android for the user, since the android operating system is the low-use version of the SSL RC4 encryption algorithm. Many people want to be in danger of being deprived of their information. They are always through the social network to share certain things.

Powerful hand held cell phone Jammers with Palm Sized and portable design with cooling fan inside the system. Five different channels with different frequency range, it can block all kinds of frequency you need, like lojack, 3G, GPS jammer, and WIFI. Multiple bands can adjust the OFF / ON button without influencing the other frequency performance. Various options for charging, you can charge by AC adapter at home or charging by the car charger. Long life battery can use for a long time.