Concealed portable jammer

San Francisco, United States, on an afternoon from November 2 to early September, an architect took a local train to work and became a guardian of a mobile phone. He was sitting next to a 20-year-old woman, and he said it would “bubble” into her cell phone. Architect Andrew said: “She has always used the word.” She sounds like “Girl in the Valley”. He refused to disclose his last name because his next act was illegal.

Andrew reached into his shirt pocket and pressed a button on the black cigarette case-sized device. The device emits a strong radio signal, preventing Chatterer phones and all other phones within 30 feet from transmitting.

He said: “She talked on the phone for about 30 seconds, and then noticed that no one was listening to the other end.” When he first discovered that he could exercise this power, what was his reaction? “Oh, Holy Molly! Liberation.”

As the use of mobile phones has increased rapidly and it is difficult to hear half of the conversation in many public places, a small but growing group of rebels are taking blunt measures: cell phone jammers, a device that mobile devices are using. Helplessly closed.

This technology is not a new technology, but overseas exporters of wifi jammer say that demand is increasing, and they send hundreds of such devices to the United States every month, which poses challenges for both federal regulators and the cellular industry. Buyers include cafe and hair salon owners, hotel operators, speakers, theater operators, bus drivers, and an increasing number of public transport commuters.

This development led to the struggle to control the airspace in the ear. And the damage was accidental. Those who do not speak well will force themselves to be unprepared, and the disturber will not only punish the perpetrators, but also more cautious gossip.

James Katz, director of the Mobile Communications Research Center at Rutgers University, said: “If there are any characteristics that can represent the 21st century, it is that we cannot withdraw for the benefit of others.” People, while the interferers think his rights are more important. ”

The radio signal from the jamming technology is so strong that the phone is overwhelmed and unable to communicate with the cell phone tower. The range is from a few meters to a few meters, and the equipment cost is between 50 and hundreds of dollars. Larger models can be retained to create areas without calls.

In the United States, the use of jammers is illegal. The radio frequencies used by mobile operators and the radio frequencies used by television and radio stations are protected. He said: “I told them: put away the phone, put away the phone, put away the phone.” They ignored him.

Verizon investigators were also unsuccessful. The owner said: “He went to everyone in the town, gave them his phone, and said that if they were in trouble, they should call him immediately.” He said he had not used the jammer since then. Of course, identifying smaller battery-powered jammers (such as those used by angry commuters) will be more difficult.

Verizon spokesman Jeffrey Nelson said: “When mobile customers’ demand for improved cellular coverage is clear and strong, these types of devices will find a market.” Operators have also raised public safety issues: criminals may use jammers to Prevent people from communicating with each other in an emergency.

People who use jammers will be responsible for breaking their behavior, but some people are obviously joking, and there are some nasty mobile malware. “It’s worth mentioning that these stupid teenagers were disturbed in the mall. Can you hear me now? No good,” the disruptor buyer wrote in a report on a website called DealExtreme last month.

Ohio therapist Gary also refused to disclose his last name on the grounds that the equipment was illegal, saying that interference is necessary to effectively complete his work. He conducted group therapy for patients with eating disorders. A woman’s confession was interrupted. “She is talking about sexual abuse,” Gary said. “Someone’s cell phone rang and they were talking.” He said: “No etiquette.” “This is an epidemic.”