Public places require you to close your mouth

Public places are faced with the problem of phone ringing, and people urgently need a quiet public environment and become a global problem. There are more than 100 million mobile phones in the world. The problem may be more serious, and more and more, without the correct mobile phone label, you see, we can hardly eat movies or bite in the restaurant, but have not experienced the experience of ringing sometimes We enter the restaurant, enjoy the meal, read, but interrupt some people more often, they seem to like to speak loudly on the phone-but it is noisy for us.

There are many ways to change this situation: using a portable jammer is the best way to solve such problems; installing an appropriate jammer at a predetermined location can effectively prevent noise problems and treat others politely. Need to remain silent. More and more signs in public places are forcing people to turn off their phones, especially restaurants and cafes, theaters – this is becoming more and more common. In some parks, except for emergencies, the use of mobile phones is even prohibited.

Using a cell phone jammer is a simple and effective way to solve public problems-it must be in the case of an emergency call, such as a landline. Portable mobile phone jammers used in public places, enterprises and high-power fixed jammers. Cellular phone jammers are devices that transmit signals in the same frequency range as cell phones, and can transmit signals well and suffer strong interference. The simple principle of mobile phone jammer is to interfere with mobile phones. The second measure is to help people turn the logo into a part of the phone that has been gradually accepted by more governments. They are considering legalizing the shutdown through mobile phone signal technology, implementing courtesy and mobile communication equipment in public places. This is the future of cheap mobile phone jammers and efforts for quiet public places.

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