The jammer will cause harm to human body?

The Iranian Ministry of Health has established a committee to check whether interference from national satellite signals would pose a threat to citizens ’health. Foreign TV stations have been blocked in Iran for many years, and there is growing concern that the equipment used may cause cancer.

Health and Medical Education Minister Hassan Hashemi told the Iranian official Irna News Agency on Tuesday that President Hassan Rouhani has asked officials to investigate whether TV signal portable jammer can pose health risks.

He said: “The committee’s expert team includes representatives from the Ministry of Transport, the country’s Atomic Energy Organization and other relevant departments.” “They have complete freedom in the investigation and they will report if problems are found.

“Preliminary reports indicate that interference signals will not cause personal injury, but the committee must investigate carefully. Rumors about the effects of interference and human health consequences are widespread, and most rumors are unfounded. Scientists.

Although satellite dishes are illegal, millions of Iranians are still watching satellite channels to follow programs often banned from public television, such as song contests or Western music videos.
The police often conduct raids on buildings to find and destroy satellite dishes, but Rouhani took a more moderate route. Shortly after he was elected president last year, he clearly expressed his opposition to harsh police suppression. He said: “In the era of the digital revolution, you cannot live or rule in isolation.”

However, the decision to lift the ban is not just a matter for the government. The Revolutionary Guardian elite, who is close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the militia of its rebel army, Basij, are particularly concerned about unrestricted access to foreign channels.

The authorities often increase intervention during periods of political turmoil or internal conflict. After the controversial elections in 2009, millions of Iranians marched on the streets to protest the results. Iran has largely disrupted news channels such as the Persian BBC service and the Persian News Network. Voice of America.

Ophthalmologist Hashemi was appointed by Rouhani as Minister of Health in August. Doctors and experts praised his appointment as a person with a realistic attitude to Iran ’s health problems. In December, Mr. Hashemi complained about Iran ’s taboo around HIV-positive people and said that the number of people infected with the disease has increased significantly.