Jammers are indispensable tools

Mobile phones seem to have become an indispensable tool for people to travel. We always blindly pursue the rapid development of new mobile phones, but we do not know that many loopholes in mobile phones will expose our privacy to public places. This is a warning story.

We all know that the Android operating system supports more than 1 billion smartphones and tablets, and technological advancements have led to the production and release of new versions of phones, tablets, and operating systems each time. new version. possibility. We will write about the history of Android OS as soon as possible. Android 6.0 Kit Kat is the latest member of the Android series and has improved features. Given that Android has been a privileged architecture for many years, it is acceptable to completely trust any new version, because you think Android is a safe, stable operating system, and therefore reliable.

As mentioned earlier, the Android 6.0 operating system has enhanced features, such as immersive mode-updated screen lock design, updated NFC function, always enabled-allows you to navigate the hands-free mode on your phone and / or tablet, update The dialer reduces the fragmentation when using Project Svelte, integrates SMS, caller ID and Hangouts, a full emoji keyboard, TV and Bluetooth compatibility, recording in addition to printing and cloud storage. Nevertheless, Android 6 has improved features.

Android security features are designed to protect your data and system resources, while isolating applications from smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the developers of Android 6.0 Kit Kat also considered this, and therefore implemented security measures. This includes using SELinux to enhance the Android sandbox to provide additional protection against security breaches and per-user VPNs, which allows you to direct network traffic through the VPN without affecting other users who share the same device with you. However, Android smartphones have entered the top 5 most dangerous devices.

In addition, Android 6.0 Kit Kat also has a feature that will warn you if you add other certificates to your device without your knowledge. This way, in addition to detecting and preventing the use of fraudulent Google certificates that are commonly used to access secure SSL / TLS communication protocols, it can monitor any encrypted network traffic.

Our company perfectjammer.com. Has several questions to ask Google and its new version of the operating system. Despite all these security features, the Android 6.0 Kat kit does not include the most important security measures, such as letting you know whether antivirus software is genuine, so that you cannot know whether your device is truly protected from malware and spyware At the same time prevent phishing scams by cybercriminals. Similarly, this operating system does not allow you to see the types of applications that can access your private information, and whether the data deleted from your device is permanently deleted to prevent others from accessing it. The portable jammer mobile phone will be appropriate. South African prisons installed jammers jammers silenced life.