Various models of 4G jammers are available

Nowadays, almost all nobles of mobile networks are totally dependent on 4g technology, but a few years ago, this technology was to continue to work hard to deal with current users and scientific and geek technologies. The current 4g technology is very mature, and 5g It has already begun to spread globally.

The fourth generation mobile communication standard action communication refers to the fourth generation mobile communication technology, referred to as 4g. The technology includes FDD-LTE LTE and two standards (strictly speaking, LTE is only 3.9g, despite the standard wireless promotion, 4G, but not IMT, so it is strictly considered to be the recognized next generation 3GPP wireless communication standard of the International Telecommunication Union, It has not yet reached the 4G standard. Only the LTE-Advanced version is updated to meet the requirements of the International Telecommunication Union 4g.

4G 3G and WLAN are integrated together to transmit data, fast, high quality, audio, video and images. 4G home ADSL ($ 4 billion), which can be downloaded at speeds of over 100 Mbps, currently has broadband speeds 25 times faster and can meet the wireless service requirements of almost all users. In addition, in the case where DSL 4G modems and cable TV cannot cover their deployment areas, it is clear that 4G has advantages.

The birth of 4g / LTE provides users with faster access speed. In fact, it is many times faster than the 3G network. It is not easy to want a 4G remote mobile phone portable jammer. From 2012, Ericsson began to carry out 4g small test, until it was widely popularized in France a few months later.

At the same time O2 and Vodafone launched a variety of 4G networks. Ericsson finally faced a lot of high-end competition. “It launched a separate 4G network, and the focus of the competition was a sharp increase in prices. One in 3 bands in different frequency bands in France. It is conceivable that the technical difficulty of the 4G network. 4G signal blockers are very common, our website provides A variety of models are available.