5G jammer was born as 5G technology matured

5G will use 512-QAM or 1024-QAM higher-density data compressors / demodulators. Current 4G uses 256-QAM or 64-QAM modulated broadcast data for compression, thereby improving spectrum efficiency. The use efficiency per Mbps / 100MHz is more High can increase the transmission rate.

5G will use 28 GHz millimeter wave communication, for example, Taiwan 4G currently uses 700MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2600MHz and other low-frequency radio waves. If the expansion of the radio spectrum resource capacity is relatively high, but it is enough millimeters. Both are limited. A few devices, such as military radar or radar, have a higher spectral width and are easier to find in the continuous spectrum, so white space is very easy to obtain.

MIMO multi-input directional beams with multiple phased array antennas, multiple MIMO space-division multiplexed inputs using different electromagnetic wave path outputs, and antennas to increase the transmission speed of multiple systems , Beam adaptation and beam forming to improve the optimal transmission distance of lobes in a specific direction.

The new material will use GaN gallium nitride or GaA gallium arsenide RF RF antenna and power amplifier. The RF antenna of this material can achieve higher energy efficiency in a higher frequency band, and the device will save energy. In order to adapt to the application of new technologies such as industrial Internet of Things, driverless cars and commercial drones, the network delay time will be reduced to less than 1 millisecond.

The era is continuing to move forward, and the development of mobile phone signals is changing every day: 5G signals have been adopted by large pilots, and in the near future, 5G networks will replace the current 4G networks, so the following problems occur: know how Protect 5G signals?

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