Jammers have been put into use in various industries

Recently, many prisons have come together and asked the FCC to allow crowding within its walls, waiting for the verdict. There are many problems with this way of “solving” the problem, the most important of which is that the guards will not be able to use their mobile phones, and if the radio frequency of the prison is near one of the mobile phone groups, the mobile phone, they may not even be able to use the intercom. If medical staff, police or firefighters are called into prison, and their radio systems are in the 800 MHz band, then once they enter the gate of the prison, they are likely to lose their lives and communicate.

DroneDefender works by directing radio energy to the drone, thereby destroying the connection between the drone and the operator. The jammer operates on the common industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands. The 2.4 GHz frequency (one of the most common UAV control frequencies) is part of the ISM band. portable jammer can also interfere with GPS signals, which is an important feature of UAVs based on satellite navigation guidelines. Once stuck, the drone can hover directly into place.

What was your first reaction upon admission? Will it be noisy like many other places? The answer is certainly not to create peaceful conditions for patients so that they can get a good rest. But now, because people use mobile phones, sometimes not only people who visit patients, but also doctors and nurses sometimes forget to adjust the mode of mobile phones, in fact, the use of mobile phones is forbidden in some cases in hospitals, because once they are disturbed, the consequences will be very serious . Therefore, for the hospital, it is also necessary to block the cell phone signal first, and then block the cell phone jammer.

We use Wi-Fi connection, but we don’t know how easy it is to be hacked. We use Bluetooth, but never heard of Bluesnarfing (Bluetooth hacking technology). And, of course, we use GPS to understand our location and how to get to the desired location, but have you heard that GPS navigators can be tracked? From this perspective, I understand why these cell phone signal blockers are so popular in many countries around the world. They are widely used for protection because people want to protect their privacy and the privacy of their loved ones.

The real solution is to not allow jammers. Since most people do not understand the consequences of installing a jammer, this may cause impulse to others. They believe that if the jammer can be used in the prison, they should be able to use it.