The jammer’s light design and portability are very popular

In Scotland, Ronnie McGuire, the owner of the electrical and electronic engineering services company, imported Taiwan ’s mobile phone blocker and sold it to hotels, restaurants and bars until local newspapers reported their activities. It is illegal in the UK. McGuire said he will still import Taiwanese equipment, but only sell it to authorized countries. Loreen Haim, director of marketing and sales at Netline, will not disclose how many devices the company sells each year, or which country buys the most equipment. Heim said that in Mexico, the main customers are banks seeking to prevent potential thieves from contacting their associates, and the Mexican government planning to use them in prison.

Humphreys, an expert in GPS spoofing and jamming, warned that this could have a major impact on U.S. drones, causing them to malfunction or even crash. He said that if the drone reported an incorrect or missing position, “at least it would cause confusion to unmanned ground operators.” According to Dr. Humphreys, four years ago, after the Crimean invasion, For the first time in the east of Ukraine, American analysts discovered that Russian troops were interfering with drones. These radar jammers “have a considerable impact on the UAVs deployed by the United Nations to carry out surveillance missions in the area.” The crew stopped for several days and were unable to gather information by plane.

But is this mask really effective? The entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves is from the smallest Hz to the largest hundreds of GHz. The range is very large, and each segment can be used as a communication signal. “Incomplete sound” shielding can only block a small part of the frequency band communication tools can use the frequency band unshielded frequency to communicate. Therefore, it is urgent to increase the number of portable jammer and try to keep covering all areas.

In addition, even the portable signal jammer uses the built-in cooling fan as a cooling system to ensure that this portable WiFi Bluetooth GPS 3G jammer always maintains a good working state without causing temperature problems. In addition, because the car charger is also used in this portable optional WiFi GPS 3G mobile phone jammer, so the portable jammer WiFi GPS 3G portable no electricity, you need to charge, you can easily charge in the car. And because of its lightweight design and portability, this portable Bluetooth GPS 3G WiFi signal jammer is very easy to disassemble when needed and in conference rooms, meeting rooms, trains, buses, churches and other places. Wait, this portable optional WiFi GPS 3G mobile phone jammer can be widely used.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Paquin, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, will be untenable. If such interference would cause drone accidents, he pointed out that U.S. military drones are currently operating safely. “The U.S. military has adequate countermeasures and protective measures to ensure the safety of our manned and unmanned aircraft, our troops and the tasks they support.” However, an official confirmed that this interference has affected the United States in Syria. Military operations have an impact.