Jammers can easily block unwanted frequency bands

The US government has purchased more than 100 suspicious drone jammers to protect government facilities, property and personnel. The jammer interfered with the radio control of the drone, avoiding dangerous substitutes involving bullets and other projectiles. According to Defencetech, Battelle Labs sold its portable drone jammer DroneDefender to the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. The jammer looks like the intersection between the old-fashioned TV antenna and the assault rifle, which can block drones more than 400 meters away.

Do you know where to use cell phone signal jammer now? Of course, it is now widely used in places where mobile phones are not allowed and where quietness is required, such as hospitals, theaters, conference halls, and many other places. If you need portable jammers in the hospital, please visit www.perfectjammer.com, you can buy high quality jammers. Every day more and more people worry about defending their privacy. We all know that many of these newly launched wireless devices can steal our personal information, and we do n’t even know it.

We use different gadgets every day, including GPS navigator, laptop, laptop and smartphone. But many people do n’t even know that criminals can steal your personal information, and your wireless device is their dual agent. They are far from the manufacturer. These devices are sold worldwide, and many vendors sell them through the Internet.

Those who think Russia is not an enemy are crazy. “According to Dr. Todd Humphreys, the director of the Radio Navigation Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, it is not necessarily complicated to prevent or prevent drones from receiving signals from GPS satellites. The receiver of the phone is very susceptible to interference. “This is why the signal in the examination room is disturbed, which seriously disturbs the calls of mobile phone users around the examination room and the call quality becomes very poor. For the flowers of the motherland, please support for a few days.

The multifunctional portable signal blocker introduced here is a welcome signal interference device. Then you can come here to look at the details. You will know that 6 antennas have been used on this multi-functional pocket signal shield, so it has the ability to cut the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G WiFi signal. Bluetooth and GPS are used at the same time, powerful. In addition, the optional button is used for design, so the owner of the portable optional WiFi GPS 3G mobile jammer can easily determine which interference bands to block or not to block according to the actual situation, which is really useful and practical.