The jamming system of the jammer is constantly improving

The arrival of the 3G network era makes it very easy for people to access the Internet. Users still need to rely on the 2G network to make calls and send text messages. 3G can only guarantee normal Internet access. 2G is still the backbone of voice services and SMS services. The emergence of 4G allows people to watch videos smoothly, but users still use the 2G network when making calls and sending messages, even if the new 3 g, 4 g, and 5 g networks are used for People use the Internet to provide a lot of convenience, and the 2G network will not stop using it because the basic call and SMS services rely on the GSM network.

European operators should not try to shut down the GSM network so hard, nor to consider the large number of communication needs between devices. If they are eager to shut down GSM, the current European operators can still profit from mobile international roaming communications. , Will face the economic and regulatory issues of the EU. In the Chinese market, a large number of elderly people still use GSM-based non-smart phones. And the basic voice and text messaging services are still using the GSM network. Communication equipment based on the GSM network is still very important today, such as wireless alarm systems, robots and other tools and equipment. If you need to block these tools or mobile voice communication and messaging services, you may need a gps jammer, portable or desktop. Portable jammers are easy to use anywhere, and desktops are more powerful.

For personal use, I recommend using a 4-antenna portable GSM encryption device. It is enough to meet your needs and provide you with a quiet reading environment wherever you need to be quiet. For companies or important organizations, powerful multi-antenna desktop jammers will be your better choice. It is very prominent in terms of function and interference radius, and is believed to be sufficient for large-scale applications.

With the increase in the number of car thefts worldwide, major car manufacturers and drivers are looking for the most advanced car anti-theft system, and the GSM network application anti-theft system has also made considerable progress in recent years, gradually improved, and become a car anti-theft device Protection umbrella. In view of the increasing trend of auto theft in today’s world, auto manufacturers are constantly improving security technology, especially with the development of microelectronics technology, auto anti-theft technology automation, and intelligent direction. According to its structure and function, car alarms are divided into four types: mechanical, electronic, chip and network. Among them, the mechanical lock is the most traditional anti-theft device, usually not used alone. Electronic anti-theft system is currently the most widely used equipment. And chip digital security equipment and network security systems are the development direction of automotive security systems. This article is based on the basic principles of the car anti-theft system involved, using the GSM short message protocol data information processing system.