When buying a jammer we need to know our needs

The gsm network frequency band is very important for the use of electronic equipment. Therefore, in many places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, interference devices that block basic mobile phone communication are installed. This is what we usually call gsm signal jammer. We need to understand our own needs when purchasing a gsm scrambler. For example, in addition to the gsm network, we need to shield the signal type. Is it necessary to shield the 3G and 4G network frequency bands. In this way, we can buy a cell phone blocker that blocks all cell phone signals. In addition, we have purchased electronic interference equipment, and we need to consider where to use it. Portable jammers are convenient for us to use indoors and outdoors, while desktop jammers use multiple antenna designs. As the name suggests, because of their wider interference radius and more types of signal shielding, they will be used not only for individuals, but also for prisons, court schools, and other larger venues.

However, not all operators around the world are eager to shut down their GSM networks. European GSM operators are more cautious. French operator Orange said it will not shut down the GSM network on a large scale. Norwegian telecom operator Telenor recently announced that it will shut down its 3G network in 2020, but it will shut down the GSM network in 2025, when its third-generation w-cdma network will cease to exist.

Rubezh’s “overall innovation” is the low cost of the system. Russia has more than 250,000 cellular base stations available, and the network continues to expand. This will greatly improve the ability of Russian anti-aircraft missiles and provide early warning radars to save more costs.

Russia’s latest technology will be used in a wide range of fields (mainly in the field of military defense), which will greatly improve its air defense capabilities. In addition, it will be used for other surveillance applications, such as drone rescue, which will become an important research site. So far, the development and widespread application of unmanned aerial vehicles have made it very important. Drone rescue and drone delivery have been used in many countries around the world, and this tracking technology can better provide better accuracy for these operations.

With the arrival of 5G, the 2G network (GSM) will gradually disappear. People in the communications industry have expressed different views on this issue. The most important thing is to understand the impact of 2G network withdrawal on future user communications. The biggest role of the 2G network is to undertake voice services and SMS services for a large number of mobile users. Therefore, in the early days, we were able to use feature phones to successfully make calls and send text messages, and feature phones were supported by 2G networks. According to reports, the 2G network was able to implement some Internet functions at that time. Except for making calls and sending messages, there seemed to be no place to connect to the network.