There are also many criminal cases caused by jammers

As the most basic voice and text message communication network service, GSM network has been adopted by all major mobile phone brands to realize the most basic communication service. Therefore, ringtones and harassing calls are based on 2G networks, so it is necessary to purchase a GSM jammer to solve the harassment of the phone or prevent loud calls. The use of GSM network and tracking technology is also likely to become the tracking of many major criminal gangs, so avoiding this tracking is likely to require the use of basic GSM jammers. The portable design will be more convenient and follow-up will serve you.

Car anti-theft system is an integrated platform that uses embedded technology, GPS technology, GSM wireless communication technology. The system uses a mobile phone network as a communication medium. GP technology and electronic technology are used to monitor and track the vehicle comprehensively, and the data is transmitted to the monitoring center through the GSM network. The vehicle terminal detects the state of the vehicle. If there is any abnormality in the vehicle, it will send an alarm message to the monitoring center and the user at the same time. It also receives commands from the monitoring center and users, and parses the commands accordingly to perform operations. The anti-theft system is mainly composed of vehicle-mounted terminal, wireless communication network and monitoring center.

In the years after the introduction of the wireless 4G jammer into the market, it was widely used in various fields and gradually tended to be household. These devices are only used for defensive purposes, but have been changed, and now anyone can use them to protect their privacy. In fact, we even concluded that portable wifi jammers are very useful and every family should have one.

GPS positioning can bring us a lot of convenience, but it can also put us in danger. The number of cases tracked by GPS is not small. We know from the news that many criminals use GPS to commit crimes against their victims. GPS-equipped devices may be attachments to their crimes, such as our mobile phones, smart watches, or even cars or other products.